The Wildlife Freedom Foundation is a non-profit 501c(3) organization specializing in the rescue and placement of pets, wildlife rehabilitation of injured birds and mammals and advocating to protect, preserve wildlife in New York City. We are registered with the State Of New York, Dept. Of Agriculture And Markets, Registration No.: RR350

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Our three Cat Sanctuaries in NYC are located on Roosevelt Island. The largest and most visited is located at 1 Southpoint Park and it has become a tourist attraction and it has been rated by TheCultureTrip a “Must Visit” in NYC.

The cat sanctuary houses twenty wonderful, now happy, stray cats. Although, they all have past history of neglect or animal abuse.

Our kitty cats are now happy in our sanctuary where loving, compassionate volunteers care for them daily. Our cats are all spayed/neutered, vaccinated, friendly and love to meet and greet residents and visitors.

Come to meet our cats and share your love.

Reward for Kiwi

$250 reward for the safe return of Kiwi, who has been missing from the Octagon Cat Sanctuary since December 11, 2020.

$740 Donated

Save Our Shorelines

  Without input from the community, RIOC revealed a plan to extend Southpoint Park Shorelines by completely decimating the island’s flora and fauna. Our beautiful old trees will be chopped off for the sole purpose of paving paths to increase visitors-access! Over 320 trees (young and centennial trees) will be bulldozed down. RIOC’s Plan Is […]

$1199 Donated

Adopt Adopt

Millie & Mouse are in a foster home. They are gorgeous spayed, vaccinated, healthy & sweet. Gorgeous Milù has been adopted! Email us: WFF Cat Adoption Form     Mush has been adopted!     Rachel has been adopted!

$1995 Donated

Bird Migration Season

During bird migration season, how can you help the birds avoiding to collide with your windows? New York is part of the Atlantic Flyway, which many migrating birds use to reach warmer climates.  It’s a wonderful journey but too many of them will never reach their destinations. They will collide with glass windows and die. Glass […]

The Cat Sanctuary in Southpoint Park NYC

  Please Help Us! Our Cat Sanctuary is located on Roosevelt Island at 1 Southpoint Park (South-East Loop Road) houses 22 cats. They all have names and like to meet and greet visitors. Most of them are very talkameowtive!     Interesting Facts: Are stray/feral cats considered wildlife in New York State? No, stray/feral cats […]

$4740 Donated

Rehabilitating Wildlife

Angel Wing: In young birds wrapping the wing and binding it against the bird’s flank for a few days along with feeding the bird a more appropriate natural diet, can reverse the damage. A diet that provides sufficient amounts of vitamin D (the “sunshine” vitamin), vitamin E and manganese may also be indicated. Read more […]

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