Fall for Arts 2021

Two of our youngest volunteers, Orya and Alma Shusterman-Bachi, created this outstanding mural.

Title: Bright Eyes to the Future

The Wildlife Freedom Foundation is a not-for-profit 501c(3) organization specializing in the rescue and placement of strays companion animals and wildlife rehabilitation (NY State and Federally licensed); part of our mission is advocating to protect, preserve and conserve wildlife in New York City.

The WFF is a Pet/Rescue shelter with New York State Registration No.: RR350

Cat Sanctuary at lunch time
Our Volunteers for a day!

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Our three Cat Sanctuaries in NYC are located on Roosevelt Island. The largest and most visited is located at

1 Southpoint Park and it has become a tourist attraction. The sanctuary has been rated by The Culture Trip and other publications a “Must Visit” in New York City.

The cat sanctuary houses twenty wonderful, now happy, stray cats. Although, they all have past history of neglect or animal abuse, the cats are happy, loving are all spayed/neutered, vaccinated, friendly and love to meet and greet residents and visitors.

Our rescued cats are now happy in our sanctuaries because of our  loving, compassionate volunteers who care for them daily.

Come to meet our cats and share your love.



$2315 Donated

The Cat Sanctuary in Southpoint Park NYC

  Please Help Us! Our Cat Sanctuary is located on Roosevelt Island at 1 Southpoint Park (South-East Loop Road) houses 22 cats. They all have names and like to meet and greet visitors. Most of them are very talkameowtive!     Interesting Facts: Are stray/feral cats considered wildlife in New York State? No, stray/feral cats […]

$5455 Donated
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