Reward for Kiwi

$250 reward for the safe return of Kiwi, who has been missing from the Octagon Cat Sanctuary since December 11, 2020.

$862 Donated

YOU can save birds during migration season!

How can you help the birds avoiding to collide with your windows? Please draw blinds, curtains and shades in your apartment and lobbies. Please make the windows visible to birds and you will help saving their lives. Turn Off unnecessary interior lights during the migration season! Keep your plants away from the windows; turn off […]

Our Cat Sanctuary in NYC

                    Our Cat Sanctuary houses 22 cats. They all have names and most of them like to meet and greet visitors.   Interesting Facts: Are stray/feral cats considered wildlife in New York State? No, stray/feral cats are not considered wildlife in New York. All cats, whether […]

$5710 Donated

Rehabilitating Wildlife

Rehabilitating Wildlife Every year the Wildlife Freedom Foundation comes to the aid of many injured, distressed or orphaned wild animals in need of immediate help. With the training, skills and devotion of our State & Federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, hundreds of animals can be successfully rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild where they […]

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