Education: Wild Facts

Cooper’s Hawks hunt backyard songbirds:

Yes, it is very unpleasant and very sad to watch however, the predator-prey relationship between Cooper’s Hawks and songbirds is part of the circle of wildlife. If you enjoy bird-watching and you have noticed that hawks have been coming to your feeder, you may be able to encourage them to move onto another location by removing your feeder for a little while. In fact, if songbirds continue to flock to your yard/garden, the hawk/s will as well… Once the feeder is temporarily gone the hawk/s will move to a different location with more food. And so plenty of songbirds will return to your garden/yard.

Birds of prey like the Hawk play an important role in the ecosystem also controlling rodents. However, one of the most dangerous threats these birds face is from rat poisoning. Poisoned rats kill the birds of prey eating them.

Please THINK AGAIN before using any rodenticide around your garden, home, backyard.

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