The Opossum

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This is one of the innumerable opossums that we rescue and rehabilitate:)

We are lucky on to have among us the quiet, slow-moving, very clean Virginia Opossum. The only marsupials in North America, the opossums were present on our planet when dinosaurs roamed. They are immune from rabies and should be welcome in everyone’s garden, as they consume insects, ticks, snails, slugs, beetles, cockroaches, mice and fruit and grains. They have superpowers against snakes. Male opossums are called jacks and females jills and babies joeys.

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    Saw this on a critter cam a couple nights below.
    Pretty creative use of the prehensile tail.
    (Forgive the title misspelling)

      • Admin
      • April 14, 2021

      Thank you for sharing it

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